I Tried To Quit My Job

I tried to quit my job.  I really did.

I recently gave my notice.

My time was finally here. I was going to have A LOT more flexibility in my life.  This was what I had been dreaming about for the longest time.

The thought was…

I’ll do a great job during the notice period. I’ll get sent off with a smile. I will wish everyone my sincerest best (I really will miss them!), but I will be done. Finito. Close the book and open a new one.

Not so fast…

“Can you please provide part time assistance from home until your replacement is here?”

When my boss asked me that question, my mouth agreed to it faster than my brain could fully think it over.  I was set to leave on February 9th.

My replacement, who needed to relocate, was not going to arrive until March 26th.  That’s 7 weeks right there.

And– no one could expect the new person to be up and running on their first day.  I had no idea how long I was signing up for and it scared me a little.

My boss was really flexible with the terms of the arrangement.  I was only going to need to handle certain tasks and I only needed to work 15 hours per week.  In exchange, I would receive a prorated salary.

It was a great thing for both me and the company, really. I could earn a few more dollars (which never hurts) that I hadn’t planned for.  And- I could help out my boss and others who I liked and did not want to leave in the lurch.


I had already committed to working another part time job effective February 12th.  So by agreeing to also continue work for the company I was leaving, I essentially set myself up to be working full time for the next couple of months.

I think I missed the point.

I was still fully booked.

It really felt like a dream deferred.

The Reality…

I sulked about it a bit, but I realized one crucially important thing: I would be home.

No more commuting (which used to eat up two hours of my day).  No more getting up really early (hurray for flexible scheduling)!

I could work in my jammies at least some days of the week.

My fridge would be a few steps away.

I could work from my bed, my desk, my couch or my porch (which has the fantastic view that inspires this blog).

While this isn’t exactly what I had in mind, it was a big step in the right direction.  And as long as I am moving towards my goals, I am happy!

Characterizing My Days…

Update:  So far, this arrangement has worked out pretty well.

I will say that juggling the two part time jobs, plus a third gig-type job, plus writing this website, plus actually living my life has been just a teensy bit chaotic.

But you know what?

I enjoy being busy.

And little by little, the constant bursts of activity will be more and more for my own interests.  Incrementally, I will own more of my hours and will be free to give them to who or what I please.

Achieving goals is an incredible rush– a true part of being alive.

But you know what’s also exhilarating?  Anticipation.  I am itchy (in a good way) to see how everything will unfold.  I will do everything I can to shape what’s to come, but will have the serenity to let the universe flow as it may.

I may be answering emails, recruiting for accountants or trying to figure out online advertising for right now, but at least I am still able to spend every day by the lake.

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  • It sounds like a decent arrangement you’ve got yourself into. I’d love to go part time at home for a while, but my field doesn’t really support it. However, I can’t imagine trying to juggle three commitments like you! Thanks for sharing, Laura. 🙂

    • Thank you for checking out the site, Zed! 🙂 I feel very fortunate to have this arrangement. I am eager to see what the future holds! Are there offshoots to your field that would better lend themselves to remote, part time work?

      • Part time, yes. Remote – not unless I more or less start over in my career. Finding something closer to home is likely my next career move.

        • Best of luck! Shortening your commute is a great way to give you more of your life back!

  • I gave a four month notice when I quit. The great thing is I immediately felt relief. Hope you are feeling that too. They are probably really upset to see you go. It is great to see employees who care about each other and their company

    • Thank you for visiting, Bonnie. I definitely felt relief– like I had made the move I committed to make. It’s been an interesting ride, though. I ended my full time employment in February of this year but agreed to provide part time remote support until my replacement was situated. My official end date for that arrangement was March 30th. All was quiet for about 2 months and then I heard my replacement had already quit. So, now I am contracting for them (very part time) until they find a replacement for my replacement. The company was good to me, I like my boss, and I can use the extra cash. It’s a definite win-win! Best wishes!


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