Picture of Me



I’m Laura– Content Maven & Lake Dweller


What I Do

I take the guesswork and time commitment of written content creation off the hands of busy business owners like you.

After writing freelance articles for a while, I noticed a pattern.  Entrepreneurs are often too overwhelmed to create the content that they need.

Blog posts, newsletters, website copy — it’s just too much to handle on top of everything else going on in their business.

With that pain point in mind, Content That Connects (CTC) was born.

My high-quality custom solution helps business owners connect with their customers by building relationships through content, putting their business top-of-mind when their audience is ready to buy.

While CTC is my flagship program, I’m still proud to offer top-notch a la carte freelance writing services.

My Backstory

After nearly 10 years working as an HR professional, I started to question what I was doing with my life.  Sure, HR had been a great career in many ways.  I learned a lot.  I made some great connections.  I was good at my job.

However, the opportunity cost of staying in that job (or any traditional employment for that matter) was very high.  I wasn’t really enjoying life.  I was never home.  I had zero hobbies.  My doctoral studies seemed indefinitely postponed.

Most importantly, I wasn’t around my loved ones nearly enough.  I had originally set my sights on early retirement, but I would lose more family members before I could achieve it.

In fact, my grandfather’s passing helped me to get over my fear of change and embrace a new lifestyle.

With 12-18 months of living expenses in my savings account, a mountain of debt looming and the uncertainty of what was to come, I left my full-time job.  I gave up a stable salary and great benefits.

But I gained so much more!  I now have so much freedom over my time.

Yes, I work a lot of hours.  But they’re MY hours.  I have the flexibility to shift between my professional and personal life as needed, where before I was subject to a corporate schedule.

I’m also working on things that make my heart sing!  I love writing, studying business, and helping others.  My days are filled with all of those!  It can’t get any better!


So what’s with the lake?

I’m glad you asked!

One of the best things about my business (aside from meeting inspiring people like you!), is that it’s totally portable.  If I have my laptop, my phone, and an internet signal, I can make a living from anywhere.

In 2016, I bought a house on a lake.  Now that I’m self-employed, I almost always work from home.

Hence, Every Day by the Lake was born.  It’s my happy place.

And, I’m committed to helping business owners like you spend more time at yours.

Say yes to your happy place and contact me today.

Tell me about what you need help with the most so we can see if working together will be a good fit!

I look forward to hearing from you!







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