I find myself blessed daily and continuously amazed by the natural wonders I see living on a lake.

This week, we were visited by a large group of feathered, white migrants– pelicans.

This is the second full year that I have been in my home. I am starting to see the cycles of the wildlife around here. But these amazing specimens did not make an appearance last year. I would have remembered it!

These impressive creatures fly great distances in large flocks.

The above photo is only a small subset of the entire flock that found itself on my lake. At the height of the week, we easily had over 100 of these visitors!

The particular species of pelican we hosted was the American white pelican. Not only do these birds travel together, they also hunt together, too. By swimming in a line formation (like they are above), they drive their prey (fish) towards shallow water. This allows for easy scooping up in their large bills.

I was very surprised to read that they can hold up to three gallons of water in their bill! I suppose this can’t be too much of a shocker. After all, they can weigh up to 30 pounds and have a wingspan of up to 10 feet. These are huge birds!

I found reading about pelicans to be absolutely fascinating. You can read more about the pelican from Encyclopedia Britannica or National Geographic. These were two of my favorite sources and gave me the scientific insight for this post.

As you can see above, the pelicans sometimes spread out, but I pretty much never saw them swimming alone. They really are communal creatures.

Finding Personal Meaning…

At a friend’s suggestion, and after I read about the birds from a scientific view point, I wanted to explore their spiritual meaning.

I found that pelicans represent many philosophies that I am trying to incorporate into my own life right now.

Notably, according to pelican symbolism lore, seeing pelicans indicates a time of peace. They encourage us to just be and to feel content with life. The pelican represents finding balance and spending time with those you care about.

If that doesn’t match up with my goal of optimizing my life and escaping the rat race– I’m not sure what does!

Even though the flock was here and gone within a week, the birds left a lasting impression.

It seems like these creatures flew into my life at exactly the right time. When I think of them, I will be reminded that what I am doing is so worthwhile. I am putting the angst of “normal” life aside to pursue a life of flow and relative ease.

Thank you, pelicans.

I hope to see you again next year!

Until then, I will remember your message and happily spend every day by the lake.

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