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Thanks for visiting my portfolio!  Please note that this doesn’t reflect my full body of work as I do a lot of ghostwriting.

Please check back often as this listing gets regularly updated.

Regular Contributor To:

MagnifyMoney (LendingTree)

ValuePenguin (LendingTree)

DepositAccounts (LendingTree)

Women Who Money

Charlie Finance

The Omnia Group

Guest Posts Written For:

Broke Millennial

Club Thrifty

The Plutus Foundation

Wise Mind Money


Website Copy Written For:

Stocker & Associates


Blog Posts Featured On:

Rockstar Finance

Campfire Finance

Women’s Money Talk

A Richer You

Money With a Purpose


Interviewed By:

Saving Joyfully

Financial Health & Wealth

I Like to Dabble

Women’s Money Talk

Mystery Money Man

Media Mentions:


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