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Thinking about ditching that cubicle and working for yourself, but feeling scared to make the leap?  Leaving your 9-5 to go freelance is a HUGE transition and it can be overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be.  You just need guidance from someone who's been there, done that.

That's where I come in.

I've been in your shoes -- and fairly recently, too.  Just two years ago, I started my own freelance journey.

Since then, I've replaced my previous corporate monthly earnings, enjoyed incredible freedom, and showed up for family (and myself) when I needed to the most.

But I didn't achieve these life-changing results completely on my own. While I put in the effort and did the work required to be successful, I found resources that helped me fast track my progress, saving me untold hours of struggle.

Those resources?

Other people who were further along in their journey than I was.  Their expertise and guidance got me going in the right direction and helped me build upon my early wins.

In short: having those coaches and mentors in my corner enabled me to live my desired lifestyle faster.

I can help you do the same.

Interested in learning how? Book a FREE consultation with me.

Who Am I
About Me

I'm Laura.

I help aspiring freelancers get their start.

I've been freelancing for nearly two years -- and preparing to make the leap before that.

I love the freedom and personal satisfaction that I get from the freelance lifestyle.

It's my mission to help other professionals go freelance so that they can be more present in their own lives.

I do this through my signature private coaching program Before You Go Freelance.  Online course coming soon!


What the Program Covers

Before You Go Freelance addresses your most burning questions and troubling concerns so that you can quit your job confidently and live the life you've imagined sooner.

Together, we'll cover things like:

Managing Your Money
I'm guessing money is your #1 concern when it comes to going freelance -- and understandably so.  You're probably wondering:
  • Should I build something on the side or go all in?
  • Do I have enough cash in the bank as I ramp up my business and to get me through tight times?
  • How do I budget with a variable income?
  • What will I do about health insurance and retirement savings?
  • How do I set up my business finances?
  • Can I actually provide for myself and my family??
Before You Go Freelance will help you answer these questions and feel financially confident in your decision to become self-employed.
Landing Your First Clients

It's not exactly a newsflash: You can't make money if you don't have any clients. The good news is there are lots of techniques to land your first (and subsequent) gigs that don't require you to reach out to prospects cold.

Before You Go Freelance will help you identify the methods that work best for you -- and put them into action. You'll get your first client(s) sooner than you think!

Speaking of landing new clients...

Get my FREE .pdf guide: 9 Steps to Build Your Freelance Business WITHOUT Cold Pitching!

You'll also receive FREE access to the Before You Go Freelance weekly email digest, full of actionable tips and encouraging inspiration.

Mastering Your Mindset

Freelancers and employees think and act completely different from one another -- because they have to! To be a successful freelancer, you'll need to recognize the stark contrast between working in someone else's show and running your own.  Then, you must adopt an entirely new outlook when it comes to money, work, and business.

Before You Go Freelance will help you:

  • identify the critical differences between freelancer and employee
  • understand what those differences will look like for your situation
  • overcome any potential mental roadblocks that you may encounter
Coordinating Your New Life
Your life is about so much more than making money. You're super busy and likely have some (all?) of these things on your plate:
  • an endearing (but demanding) family
  • an active social life
  • fitness goals
  • passion projects
  • a degree to finish
  • volunteer commitments
  • and a whole host of other significant, but time consuming, obligations
Going freelance is supposed to help you enjoy life more.  But!  If you're not mindful, it is possible to experience the opposite effect. Before You Go Freelance will help you coordinate all of the moving pieces in your life as you make this transition.  That way, nothing important to you falls by the wayside.
Your Expected Outcomes

After completing the Before You Go Freelance coaching program, you should have:

  • Financial confidence that you can successfully go freelance
  • Your first freelance client(s)
  • The mindset required to win as a freelancer
  • A clear plan to harmoniously integrate all of the important aspects of your life
How it Works

Here's how it works:

First, you'll book a FREE mini-coaching session to be sure we're a good fit.
If we decide to work together, you'll get 3 months of private coaching, which includes:
  • Weekly 60-minute calls -- recorded for your future reference
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Relevant resources for your specific situation
  • Weekly action items to move you forward
  • A progress assessment and recommended next steps at the end of the program
You may whip through this program and be rocking it as a freelancer after 3 months. Or, you may need more time and guidance to implement your strategy. After the initial 3 months, you'll have the option to extend the program on a month-to-month basis.
What Folks are Saying

New freelance writer, Sara, says:

Laura has been so helpful and encouraging. She has been both practical and inspirational as well. Before we spoke, I was paralyzed with fear; I had no idea where to begin or what to ask. So that is where we started. Laura names my fears and took away my excuses (No computer, no internet, no problem! You have a notebook right?). In our first conversation she gave practical first steps and set clear, reasonable industry expectations delivered with equal measures of sweet encouragement and firm prodding. Laura was raw and honest about her journey, creating a genuine connection that is difficult to find in the world. If you are looking for someone to inspire you, run along side you and cheer for you on this journey, Laura is up to the task.

New virtual assistant, Shihua, says:

I came to Laura for support with starting off my virtual assistant venture. I got exactly the advice and encouragement I needed to understand what steps make the most sense and which details I should have in my profile. Based on the help I got from her, I can conclude that Laura is a thoughtful and knowledgeable coach for freelancers from all levels. Will definitely return for further assistance!

Before You Go Freelance is well-suited for you if you:
  • Want to build a location independent, flexible schedule freelance business
  • Have skills that translate well to freelancing online (think: writer, graphic designer, web developer, photographer, tutor, coach, etc.)
  • Are comfortable with the idea of having to find new clients on a regular basis (we'll talk extensively about how to do it!)
  • Have the time to commit to this coaching program 
  • Are willing to make the investment in this program (and yourself!)
Conversely, Before You Go Freelance isn't well-suited for you if you:
  • Want to start a business that requires your presence at a specific location on a set schedule (like a restaurant or shop)
  • Don't have skills that work well for online freelancing
  • Aren't comfortable with the idea of having to find new clients on a regular basis
  • Don't have the time to commit to this coaching program
  • Aren't willing to make the investment in this program

We'll cover all of the topics discussed above: managing your money, landing your first clients, mastering your mindset, and coordinating your new life.

The order and intensity of how each topic gets covered is really based on where you are when we begin the coaching program. For example, you may have your personal finances on point, but you struggle with adopting a freelancer's mindset (or vice versa).

Getting ready to go freelance and then starting your business takes work and it takes time.
You should typically expect to spend at least 5 hours per week working the program broken down like this:
  • 1 hour for the coaching call
  • 1 hour emailing back and forth with me
  • 3-5 hours implementing the strategies we discussed/completing your assigned action items
If you can put in more time, great!

Due to what you receive during Before You Go Freelance, it is a significant investment. But -- it's just that, an investment. The program will help you redesign your life!

We'll discuss program pricing during our mini-coaching session. A payment plan is available.

No. Due to the time I invest in you and the depth of knowledge that I share, I don't offer refunds for my coaching program.

But - I bet you won't be looking for one anyway!

No, of course not. That would be unethical. (Anyone that says they can 100% guarantee you a certain result isn't being honest with you!)

That's because there are a lot of variables that I can't control. I can only control what I put into this program -- and rest assured, it's everything I've got.

I will say: if you put in the work, you should see results. That's because I believe in my program and I believe in you.

It can.

Much of the program can be universally applied regardless of location.

However, I'm only familiar with U.S.-based health insurance, retirement savings accounts, and other related personal finance concerns. I'm also unfamiliar with international accounting practices and processes to legally form/register a business.

Nope, I'm not.

We'll talk money A LOT in this program, and I'll provide guidance based on my knowledge, experience, and what you share with me.

However, what I tell you is for educational purposes only. I ALWAYS encourage folks to consult with their own financial or legal professional when they have questions and before making major life moves.

Your Next Steps to Go Freelance

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